The latest data and analysis from independent home buyer, Quick Move Now, has revealed that the number of house sales falling through before completion is on the rise. 

According to the figures, there was a house sale fall through rate of 38.8% for Q1 2018 – the highest Q1 rate seen in the last ten years.

Q1 fall through rate:

2008 – 35.9%
2009 – 22.4%
2010 – 32.4%
2011 – 26.6%
2012 – 28.4%
2013 – 20.5%
2014 – 28.9%
2015 – 22.6%
2016 – 21.6%
2017 – 34.9%
2018 – 38.8%

Danny Luke, Quick Move Now’s managing director, commented: “The start of 2018 has been difficult for the UK property market.

 Although we can attribute some changes in the fall through rate to the usual seasonal peaks and troughs, ongoing Brexit uncertainty and strict lending criteria are certainly contributing to increased market caution and fewer successful property sales.

Shortage of supply also remains an issue in many areas. This means those that are keen to move, or have no choice, find themselves in a very challenging market.”

Of the property sales that were unsuccessful, 46% were attributed to the buyer changing their mind or the seller feeling that the sale was not progressing quickly enough. A further 23% fell through because either the buyer or seller wanted to renegotiate after the initial deal had been agreed, and more than one in ten of the sales that fell through did so because the property survey highlighted issues that caused the buyer to pull out of the sale.

Strict lending criteria is also playing a role, with 11.5% of sales that fell through doing so because the buyer was unable to secure sufficient funding from their mortgage provider.

The remaining 8% of failed house sales were the victim of a collapsed property chain.

“Whilst our “fall through” rate is very low, from time to time we do see sales fail to exchange. Our experience is that most of them are due to vendors not being able to find a suitable property to move to! At Cadman Homes we check buyers finance thoroughly so we don’t use many sales due to mortgage-ability, we are very good at negotiating and solving problems from surveys and we use conveyancers that package your property documents up in advance of your sale so that you are “sale ready” when you go on the market! This will reduce the time your sale takes by at least two weeks and increase the likelihood of the sale going through quickly and painlessly. If you want to talk about selling a property in Rugby or Lutterworth and how using the right agent can reduce the chance of your sale falling through and reduce all that stress and worry – You know where we are”! 

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