Tips for DIY in your home if you are renting… …You do not have to completely transform a room to give it a new feel. Decorating a room or living space is a fantastic way of breathing new life into your home. A fresh lick of paint, taking down that pesky wall to create a larger space or putting up a shelf to store all those truly important knick-knacks are all ways of bettering the rooms around you.
However, with many people renting their homes, you can be left stuck with what changes you can actually make within your tenancy agreement.

It is always crucial to clear any major changes to a rented property with the landlord or property agent before you proceed to make sure all parties are happy with the changes.
However, there are many decoration ideas you can use to give a room a fresh feel without making permanent
These are just a few ideas of ways to improve the area around you without making drastic changes.
Wall hangings without using nails
Placing pictures of your loved ones or your favoruite piece of art on the wall can really make a house feel like a home.
There are a number of ways to do with without using nails, which can leave permanent damage, with damage-free strips available from most DIY store.
Pick up a statement rug
Many homes feature hardwood, laminate or tiled flooring in living spaces.
While ideal for cleaning down the area, these harder surfaces can make a living space, such as the lounge or dining room, feel slightly cold and unwelcoming.
An easy way of combating this is to invest in a nice, large rug to become a centrepiece.

These can be placed beneath dining tables or independently in the centre of a room to create a warmer feel.

House plants, house plants, house plants!
Living plants have a range of benefits within the home, not least for decoration.
Being surrounded by plants producing fresh oxygen is very good for us, but they are also a beautiful way of transforming a space.
There are house plants available from garden centres of all manner of sizes to suit the space you have available.

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