Those nice people at Naked Wines have agreed to give our Character Club Card holders £60 off their first order, and hope that you will enjoy the benefits of being a member. Naked isn’t like other wine clubs…

…Before “Naked” came along, most small batch and artisan winemakers had to spend more time and money selling wine rather than making it. Good winemakers want to invest in quality and not waste funds on slick marketing campaigns. As a “Naked Angel” you make it possible for them to do just that. They know their wine is sold before they’ve even grown the grapes… so they can spend all their time in the vineyard crafting delicious wines for you.

Adam (our Head of Sales) loves his wine, and he loves Naked Wines as they deliver unusual and high quality wines, ports, gins, champagnes and more, with next day delivery and excellent customer service. Don’t like a bottle, get a refund, even if you’ve drunk it!

Try £60 off your first order on us, you’ll love the opportunity to become an “Angel” and regularly invest in great independent wines from around the world. For red wine lovers like Adam, they even offer fine wines, Bordeauxs and Champagnes.

Contact us for more details!

“à votre santé”!