The Seven Stars in Albert Square was the venue for a photo session arranged by marketing agency CC Ltd to make promo shots for the launch of “6C Black” by BruCru, a new cold brew “Nitro Coffee” unveiled in London this week!

 “All this has come together because we are members and ambassadors of Rugby DRIVE, the initiative that encourages businesses in the town to be aware of and make use of each other’s talents and connections”, said Mickey Clarke of CC Ltd.

 “Cold brew and nitro coffee is a very exciting product that has huge appeal to under 35s”, she explains. “As part of the prototyping of this new brand we needed the models with just the right look and to shoot them in a suitable location. I love the Seven Stars and parts of the interior were ideal for this, so I’m really grateful to Graham and Lisa for allowing us to use their premises”.

 The models for the event came from a number of town centre businesses. Staff from both Urban Beauty and Mr Robinson’s Barbers in Church Street appeared in the shoot. Essensuals Hairdressing provided stylists. 

 “We also have to thank Albert’s Menswear in Regent Street”, says Mickey. “They put us in touch with one of their customers, Lee Andrews, who is British Beard and Styled Moustache Champion. Lee has the perfect look to go with the image we are creating for this brand – and yes, he was dressed in clothing from Albert’s”.

 “I also called in a favour from Cadman Homes because Adam their Head of Sales was also perfect to appear in some of the photos. He kindly agreed”.

 All of the photography work was undertaken by Rugby-based Victoria Alice Photography. 

 “I must thank everyone who took part, and especially Louise from Essensuals who has been great with making introductions. Anna Holmes from Rugby FM has also been fantastic”.

 Aftab Gaffar of Rugby BID has been really impressed to see such a number of businesses helping each other. “There has always been good co-operation between the independent retailers in the town”, he says. “But since Rugby DRIVE has launched, it has made other businesses more aware of each other and form closer links. Here we have seen marketers and photographers working with town centre businesses, all for a project by a national drinks brand. What a great advert for Rugby as a place to come and do business”.



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