After research recently published by Aviva claimed that house hunters spend an average of 33 minutes looking at a property, an estate agency, Barton Wyatt, believes the decision is in fact made in the first ten minutes. James Wyatt, partner of the agency claims he is unsurprised by the findings of Aviva’s research and that he has known his wife to take longer choosing a pair of shoes than many people do deciding on a house purchase.


The suggestion from Aviva is that buyers are reacting to a highly competitive property market, rushing one of the biggest decisions they are likely to make, indeed the insurance company claims that 24% of those surveyed admitted to only making one viewing before making an offer on a property.
Wyatt believes that 33 minutes is more than enough. “Properties are extremely evocative items and buyers know pretty much instantly if they like or dislike what they see,” he says. “I would suggest that the gut decision is actually made in the first 10 minutes of being in a home and the other 23 minutes is spent reassuring themselves they are making a good choice.”
For those with 33 minutes or less to view a property, Barton Wyatt advises:
1. Study the kitchen – does it have the room and space you are used too? Accepting a smaller kitchen is a big ask for many.
2. The bathroom number might seem fine but turn on the shower – a trickle of water will not keep you amused.
3. Look at the boiler and ask about its maintenance and age.
4. Get in the loft – it may sound odd but 3 minutes in the loft could answer many questions!
5. Spend the last 10 minutes doing the school run at peak time. Many people look at houses in the middle of the day when no-one is around.

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