Homeowners in England and Wales are not afraid to make changes to create the home they desire, after 98.5% recently surveyed by Principality Building Society said there is something about their homes that they would like to improve.

Unsurprisingly, the most common improvement on people’s wish list was expansion, with 29% of respondents saying they would like more space. A further 15% said that they would change the location of their property, while 8% said they would elect to change their neighbours given the opportunity.
Principality’s survey of 1,000 homeowners, commissioned to gauge homeowners’ attitudes towards their homes and mortgages, also found that the kitchen has lost its position as the heart of the home.
More than half of respondents said they now feel most comfortable in the living room, where spending time with family and watching television are the two most popular activities. Only one in ten admitted to feeling most at ease in the kitchen.

TV presenter and host of BBC property series ‘Hot Houses’ Amanda Protheroe-Thomas said the results of Principality’s Your House Mortgage Survey were a fitting reflection of the home nations.

The home improvement expert, who has renovated many properties in her time, said: “Home improvements have seen a resurgence in recent years. Extensions, conservatories, new kitchens and garden landscaping have all become popular choices for those homeowners looking to give their homes a welcome facelift.”

“If done properly, these improvements can add significant value to a property and can help make it a more attractive proposition for any prospective buyer in the future,” she said.
Adding: “Unfortunately, improving your neighbours can often be a stretch too far!”
The survey also found that among homeowners, beige is no longer considered boring, with 55% preferring magnolia and neutral tones in their homes as opposed to the 8% who favour lively citrus colours.
Julie-Ann Haines, Customer Director at Principality, said: “The survey has shown us that as homeowners we are clearly aspirational when it comes to adapting and expanding the homes we love so dearly to meet our ever changing needs.”
“So whilst things on their wish list might only ever be a pipe dream, it’s important to remember careful spending and budgeting can go a long way for freeing up money for home improvements in the future,” she said.

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