In Vick’s own style that we know and love, here is an indulgent salad that will hit the spot! I’d never been one to order a salad when eating out till I discovered this in France. 

It soon became one of my favourites even though I am really not a fan of blue cheese. The pear offsets the blue cheese beautifully and I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t normally like cheese. This salad has the potential to be seriously healthy, that is of course if you leave out the Roquefort, walnuts, prosciutto and dressing which gives you another version of this recipe, ‘a salad’.

The ingredients;

Mixed leaves: crisp, vibrant, preferably ready washed to spare you the arduous task of having to do it yourself, or like me, get your sous chef to do it for you!

Roquefort: commonly available in most supermarkets, including German ones.

Pears: Ripe and soft.

Walnuts: Fresh & creamy

Prosciutto: Preferably produced from the hind legs of specially selected heritage breed pigs raised in any of the 1 regions of Italy approved by the ‘Consorzio’, or failing that, any Prosciutto will do!

Cucumber: An ‘EU’ approved one (we’re still in Europe!) and as straight as possible, although this is not a deal breaker.

Dressing: Balsamic glaze and French dressing

The Method

Empty the mixed leaves into a large mixing bowl or other appropriate receptacle. Skin the cucumber and cut off a 5cm section if you are relatively hungry, 8cm if you are slightly more hungry and….well you get the idea.

Cut this into semi circles and add to the salad. Crumble in a conservative amount of Roquefort and a good amount of walnuts.  Skin and slice half a pear into thin strips like you imagine a chef would do, or failing that, Nigella, then add this.

Dress the salad and pour into the bone china salad dish you intend to serve it in (other cheaper bowls are permissible). Tear up and decorate the salad with the Prosciutto delicately placing larger pieces in four equidistant points around the dish and one in the centre.

Place cubes of Roquefort on each of these with a larger one in the centre and decorate with a full walnut. Drizzle a drop of Balsamic glaze on each of these and then use your discretion with the rest of the salad, this is your canvas so exercise as much creativity as you see fit but don’t overdo it, no one likes a show off.

Add a final drizzle of French dressing and serve. Now sit back and enjoy with a good bottle of white wine and if possible someone you like or vaguely care for.

Special note:

Balsamic glaze: You can make your own by just boiling Balsamic vinegar and expertly adding sugar. However, add too much and you’ll never get it out once the pan dries, I tell you this from experience so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

French dressing: The easiest is two parts oil to one part white or red wine vinegar, garlic, seasoning, Dijon mustard and I balance it all with a little ‘Agave’ as I’m cutting edge (!) but you don’t have to as I’m sure Monsieur Francoise doesn’t.

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