Getting on the property ladder can feel like something which is never going to happen. So, whilst you are busy saving your deposit and exploring your options, renting is great way to go. Whether you’re renting a room, flat or house, you can make it feel like home.

Mix it up – combine furniture from different places rather than doing a bulk order from IKEA. Mixing up the styles will add character so don’t be afraid to add a statement piece of two. These pieces will create a focal point to look at, it can be as simple as a unique vase or cushion. These pieces will go with you when you move on, so they are worth spending a little more money on.

Ask – if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Speak to your landlord and explain you would like to add some colour to the walls. If your taste is neutral or you promise to return to walls to their original colour when you move out, you may find your landlord is quite amiable when it comes to decorating.

Lighten up – lighting instantly transforms a room, gives the illusion of space and can create an atmosphere. Lampshades are widely available, inexpensive and come in a range of styles. Be bold with size and colour to create impact.

Bring the outside in – house plants bring a home to life. Hang them in baskets, from existing hooks or from curtain poles. The greenery add colour to a space which could be potentially quite bland otherwise.

Artwork – whilst hooks and hammers will probably receive a strong veto from your landlord, command hooks or strips or washi tape are easy ways to stick up photos and artwork without leaving a mark on the wall.

When planning to redecorate, you must speak to your landlord first. Landlords are legally responsible for most repairs in the house but don’t usually have to make improvements unless they’re related to health and safety. Some might agree to you carrying out the work and may even help you fund it if you speak to them first. Paying your rent on time and looking after the property will stand you in good stead when you wish to negotiate with your landlord. The golden rule is to make sure any agreements you come to together are in writing.

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