Brought to us in Vik’s own flamboyant and reflective style, this is the first recipe of the year from Rugby’s “Emporium of Happiness”, Three Bistro, Clifton Road Rugby. This one’s a healthy yet indulgent breakfast.

Smashed Avocado and Lardons…

Life is full of fads…and ads…for the fads. Instead of a vegetable or fruit simply being healthy for you, this year it has to be described as super. Every new single released is never called out on what it is, which is the same old hash of a mediocre song now being made even more mediocre by a trio of tuneless juvenile ‘wonder kids’ who use to be in a band that was briefly popular after each of them were put together in a tv show.

Although there is nothing new about this, I grew up watching ‘The Monkees’. To bring this back to food, as it is after all a recipe page, Avocado has been marketed as a new super food and has starred in many fads. When we first opened it was by far the most popular selling item on the menu and something we have stuck with as unlike many fads, this actually has substance as well as style.

I’ve never really enjoyed Avocado until I tried smashing it and adding lardons and a poached egg to it. This is a cracking breakfast as it straddles the line between being healthy and dirty which is what you really need in life, a little Ying and Yang that gives our lives the balance we need.

The ingredients;

Avocado: The riper the better but slightly less than bruised

An egg or two: It doesn’t have to be a duck egg but as with most things, the fresher the better

Lardons: I prefer smoked but this isn’t necessarily necessary

Sourdough: Some are abnormally thick but I use a thinner, leaner bread

The Method

This one is straight forward…

Smash the Avocado and season with salt & pepper. Boil some water in a pan with some white wine vinegar. Heat a frying pan on the highest heat.

Once the pan is burning hot, sear the lardons. Once the water boils turn it down and a moment later drop in the egg. Some people say you should swirl the water before adding the egg but I prefer just to say a prayer!

Cook the egg briefly and try and get it out without it breaking. Toast the bread and butter it. Spread the Avocado over generously before topping it with the Lardons and poached egg.

Top this with freshly ground pepper, chives and paprika and enjoy it guilt free in the knowledge that you’re treating your body well. This is still our favourite and possibly signature breakfast dish.

“Three” can be found on the Clifton Road in Rugby town centre. Or visit their website here

We love it! You should try it. 

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