Using data and analysis from its property searches, global property portal Lamudi has compiled a list of the top ten most important factors for today’s homebuyer.

“Today’s homebuyer is different to those of previous generations. In the age of smartphones, apps and smart homes, the modern house hunter’s demands have changed dramatically. At the same time, in an era defined by fluctuating house prices, today’s homebuyer is more cost-sensitive than ever before,” said a spokesperson from Lamudi.

The portal’s top ten demands of today’s house hunter are:
1. Energy efficiency
As the price of amenities such as gas and electricity increase, it is no surprise that buyers now want reassurance about a home’s energy efficiency.
2. Storage – and plenty of it
One word: built-ins. To help homeowners stay well organised, an ample amount of storage space has become a high priority. Built-in storage – including linen closets, wardrobes and even walk-in kitchen pantries – are now a must to attract modern home buyers.
3. The latest technology
This can be something as simple as LED lighting, or involve more complicated technology like automated thermostats. These days, many property seekers expect to have the latest gadgets and high-tech features installed before buying.
4. Top notch security
Features like glass break sensors for windows and doors, and motion-activated lighting for exteriors, are just some of the modern security solutions that are attracting buyers.
5. Open plan living
The trend has even reached the kitchen, which homeowners often prefer to combine with the dining area.
6. A modern kitchen
Granite is no longer in vogue, with marble countertops and a simple black-and-white colour palette giving the kitchen a distinctly modern edge. Here too, buyers are looking for the latest state-of-the-art, energy efficient household appliances.
7. Entertainment options
The modern home is now also a place to entertain and be entertained. As a result, features including game rooms, home theatre systems and outdoor entertainment areas are now highly sought after.
8. A dedicated laundry room
It sounds simple enough but several recent surveys have pointed to the importance of a laundry room for new home buyers.
9. Smaller homes in general
Homeowners are willing to sacrifice space for other key features, such as high-quality appliances and overall energy efficiency, as well as easier upkeep.
10. Location, location, location
The desire to find the perfect home in an ideal location remains top of mind for most house hunters. Where a property is located is often the number one factor influencing a property seeker’s decision to buy. It seems some things about looking for a dream home will never change.