Unique outdoor buildings you could build in your garden
Add something new to bring a bit of a ‘wow’ factor to your outdoor space. With the summer season gripping the country with beautiful sunshine and long days, there is only one place to spend your free time – the garden.

When entertaining your family and friends this summer, why not treat yourself and create a unique new structure or building.
Aside from the typical, yet useless, summer houses and sheds, there are a number of buildings you could create to transform your outdoor space and prove to be a centre point to your next big get-together.
Private bars have shot up in popularity in recent years, but still remain a classy additional to any outdoor space.
While barbecues and grills are common place in most gardens, creating a dedicated area with a fitted bar can prove to be a centre point for any party or get-together.
Unique lighted signs can be hung and personalised glasses and tankards can be created to finally realise your childhood dream of owning your very own boozer, from your backyard.
Outdoor office
Many of us are continuing to work from home as working habits have changed following the coronavirus pandemic.
If your home has become your permanent or semi-permanent workplace, then try to create a specialised area to work from, rather than continuing to set up on your dining room table or from the sofa.
You may even choose to create an outdoor building specifically to work from to truly separate your home from the hustle and bustle of the working day as possible.
Outdoor snug
One of the best parts of a long day in the garden during the summer is when the sun starts to drop and the whole garden is washed out in a beautiful orange glow.
Creating a unique space in your garden to truly appreciate this can be a fantastic choice.
A purpose-built snug, with open walls, a glass roof and plenty of soft seating and almost too many pillows, can be a relaxing and romantic spot.