The events of the past 18 months have been tumultuous to say the least – Our friends at Seven Seas Worldwide put it best when they say that “With fluctuating freight rates, a container ship stuck in the Suez Canal, and one of the worst pandemics in living memory, have been some of the international challenges of the last 18 months just to name a few. But as the old saying goes, calm seas don’t make for good sailors. While the future grants us the benefit of hindsight, our task for today is to gather more information”.

And more information they have gathered! Released to the world is their 2021 Global Movement Report. As founders John and Will Henderson explain in their Introduction;

“In addition to our own data based on day- to-day interactions with customers, we decided to engage a broader sample of people from around the world in the form of a comprehensive survey on global movement. In this survey, we asked people where they were moving and why, and how the pandemic has affected their plans.

We also investigated the underlying factors people consider when moving abroad – many of which may have been re-prioritised or adjusted since the pandemic began. It became clear that Covid-19 has not only affected people on a practical level, but on an emotional level as well; causing many to revisit their motivations for moving abroad.

Our research further revealed that while people often do have specific reasons for deciding whether or not to move, they primarily do so as a means of creating their own opportunities, rather than in response to circumstances. Whatever your industry, we hope you find this report helpful and informative – and that together, we can apply these insights towards a future in which we all can move around with agility, safety and reassurance”.

The full report can be downloaded here but in summary the main reasons are;

  1. Economy or job prospects. 31%, the biggest reason for most moves overseas or to a new area. As people commute form further afield than prior to high speed rail, towns like Rugby, Lutterworth, Kenilworth and Market Harborough as well as cities like Worcester, are welcoming commuters who wish to take advantage of a slower, more “rural” way of life, cheaper property and excellent road and rail links.
  2. 25% of respondents cited this as the reason for a move, especially overseas.
  3. As we’ve eluded to lifestyle and standard of living is vital, with it being the main reason for 23% of moves. The South Leicestershire area is rich and diverse in culture, and of course Leicester enjoys the accolade of being one of the country’s most diverse cities!
  4. Education is joint third with 23%. The schooling in the Rugby and Lutterworth area is excellent and offers a range of state, public and independent schooling across all age ranges, including many faith schools.
  5. Health and medical was the next biggest category with 21%. Our rural and town services in Rugby and Lutterworth are second to none, although some GP practices have come under fire post COVID.
  6. Family (19%) and “learn a new language (18%) complete the list, although we think the last one is from International respondents – although the local Warwickshire accent can sound a bit funny, we think calling it a “language” would be a bit harsh!





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